Field Reports

They finally had a safe place to privately relieve themselves - toilets - no more would they need to venture out into the fields to do so.

Toilets Keep Communities Healthy, Safe

GFA Reports from the Field

The numbers from the survey had finally come in, and the problem was even greater than Ritain had previously thought. Around 252 families living in his district had no sanitation facilities, a dangerous threat to their health and safety. How could he, the district head,...

When Bhagya started attending her local GFA World Bridge of Hope center, she began improving not only in school but in life, too.

Learning Manners Through Mathematics

GFA Reports from the Field

Nine-year-old Bhagya hated school. Between the shame imposed on her family because of her father’s drinking and her difficulty understanding and concentrating on her fourth-grade study materials, Bhagya didn’t want to go to school. She frequently stayed home, her homework unfinished. In addition to poor...

When Suong’s father surrendered his life to Jesus, their home was transformed --- our home became a home of happiness --- Suong shared.

Pursuit of Happiness Leads to Christ

GFA Reports from the Field

Rage and abuse dropped like tornados, devastating Suong’s early childhood. Her father, an alcoholic, terrorized her mother until she could bear it no more. Suong’s mother divorced her father and took off with Suong’s younger brother, leaving 6-year-old Suong behind. Eventually, Suong’s father remarried, and...