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It only takes one mosquito to kill a child. It will take a multitude of innovators to fight for the Kingdom to “come on earth as it is in heaven.”

It Takes Only One Mosquito

GFA Featured Story: September 2019

It takes only one mosquito, buzzing around with ill intent, dive-bombing in the middle of the night, hovering ominously around a would-be sleeper’s ear, to cause alert wakefulness and ruin the REM-phase of deep slumber. Five or six mosquitoes, all in disharmonic buzzing in one room, demand that...

Discussing the life of a widow robbed by illiteracy, and the gift and blessing the door of literacy unlocks even to learn about the God of healing and life.

Unlocking the Door of Literacy

GFA Featured Story: September 2019

Jeni studied the curling lines and shapes on her grandson's homework paper. With a sigh, she handed it back, knowing a great treasure lay within those squiggles and loops, but she lacked the key to unlock it. Robbed by Illiteracy Years earlier, poverty had hindered Jeni from attending...

Gospel for Asia issues a Special Report on illiteracy, the dominant disabler to flourishing for millions worldwide, and the miraculous potential of literacy

Literacy: One of the Great Miracle Cures

GFA Featured Story: September 2019

Few of us who have read all our lives understand the nearly miraculous potential of being able to read and write when illiteracy has been the dominant disabler to flourishing. Illiteracy is more dominant than poverty, more dominant than a chronic physical disability, and more dominant than even...

Roshan didn’t always have a bicycle or ministry in any of these villages. Just a few years earlier, his relationship with Christ was anything but exemplary

Equipped to Succeed

GFA Featured Story: August 2019

Pastor Roshan slung his bag over his shoulder and helped his wife onto their bicycle. They had a lot of ground to cover. As they cycled out of their village, Roshan found a sustainable pace for the trip. His muscles might be tired by the time he reached...

Discussing the GFA Sisters of Compassion, women missionaries who choose to identify with the marginalized, and bring the hope of Jesus to their lives.

Now Entering Filth and Fertile Ground

GFA Featured Story: July 2019

Prisha stepped out of the rickshaw only to be greeted by a crowd of dirty, half-naked children running around. One woman stood nearby barely clothed—much to Prisha’s embarrassment. Animal carcasses and burning waste littered the village, creating a stench so bad passersby would speed recklessly through the village...

Gospel for Asia (GFA) – Discussing the struggles national missionaries face in the mission field. This is a story of the impact of a bicycle as a channel of God's blessing to reach God's flock and the lost who wouldn't otherwise have been reached.

Twice the Mobility, Twice the Blessing

GFA Featured Story: July 2019

Pastor Jahansuz was the pastor of six fellowships in six different villages. The GFA-supported pastor tried to visit every believer, but the villages were in some of the most remote regions. As such, there was no form of modern transportation. Pastor Jahansuz had to walk almost everywhere. The...

Behind-the-scenes missionaries in GFA’s Mission Support Team are a vital link in connecting national workers with the prayer & finances critical to ministry

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Impact

GFA Featured Story: July 2019

It’s Monday morning at GFA’s U.S. headquarters in Wills Point, Texas, and dozens of men and women—behind-the-scenes missionaries—make their way to their desks after spending time together in prayer. Some are bursting with energy, while others are blearily drinking their coffee. Whether their day will be spent answering...

From losing everything, a life of abuse... While browsing facebook, Lochani came across a video message by a Christian pastor...

Social Media Led Her to the Truth

GFA Featured Story: June 2019

Starting at a young age, Lochani saw her father beat her mother, Ayomi, for going to church or not doing exactly what he said. Now, after the fire, he angrily beat 5-year-old Lochani whenever he saw her, believing she was the cause of their devastation. Eventually, Lochani’s father sent...

Upon hearing of his wife’s death, Afiba asked the missionaries to help his son because he was unable to care for Sam himself...

Drugs, Cancer Took His Parents but Not His Hope

GFA Featured Story: June 2019

Tears rushed down Sam's cheeks. His mother had succumbed to cancer, leaving the 6-year-old alone in the world. Soon, Sam’s father sent a message from prison—would someone please help his son? Family Ravaged by Self-indulgence and Illness Sam’s father, Afiba, left Nigeria to find work in Asia several...

Violence had ravaged her nation for decades, leaving behind a swath of destruction and grief, and now her own family bore its mark.

More than Just Tears and Grief in Her Eyes

GFA Featured Story: May 2019

Waves of memories flooded Minosha’s mind as she recounted her life story to a GFA-supported field correspondent. Sorrowful memories about her husband, whom she never got to say goodbye to; about giving birth to their son alone, wondering where her husband was; about the day she learned she...