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Despite the once happy life, tragedy crept in when she contracted leprosy and, later, when her husband died. Ranjini lived alone and impoverished.

Someone Who Cares

GFA Featured Story: February 2020

“What shall I do?” Ranjini wondered aloud. Ranjini powerlessly watched her hands and feet deteriorating before her eyes. As a widow and a person afflicted with leprosy, Ranjini needed help. But so many people in her society turned a blind eye to widows and leprosy patients, and she...

"She learned about the God and his unconditional love..." Rasa’s parents forbade her to leave the house alone again. She lost their trust—and their love.

Rejected Daughter Meets Unconditional Love

GFA Featured Story: January 2020

She learned about the God whose love is unconditional... Rasa stood in shame in front of her parents listening to the angry, disappointed words falling from their lips. How could she, their eldest daughter, engage in a secret romance with a village boy and bring disgrace to their...

Many children do not know they are valuable, just as Jenya once did not. Bridge of Hope is a place children can know they are loved and lovable.

Alone No Longer Because of Bridge of Hope

GFA Featured Story: October 2019

Imagine a little girl gazing out a living room window, two streams of tears cascading down her cheeks. Out the window, she sees empty paths flanked by lush vegetation. She would rather look outside—or sleep the day away—than feel the isolation of the small room. This is what...

You can help families like his escape poverty by providing income-generating animals. Demonstrate Christ’s love today by giving good gifts to those in need.

A Father’s Good Gift

GFA Featured Story: October 2019

Their bags sat ready at the door. Again. Tavish looked around at the room that had sheltered them for the past few months; then he and his family of five began their trip back to their house in a distant village. Where was their home? It was here;...

Gospel for Asia issues an extensive Special Report on extreme poverty worldwide, how alleviation and eliminating it is possible, but it is not inevitable.

Poverty: Public Enemy #1

GFA Featured Special Report

If the modern world is truly a “global village,” that means everyone on earth is our neighbor—and Jesus was very clear about how we are to treat our neighbors. We have a responsibility to help them out of difficult circumstances. While issues such as health care, education, the...

Discussing national missionaries who brave through poverty & winter to share God's love, & the demonstration of His love through a winter coat.

Good News Travelling in a Winter Coat

GFA Featured Story: October 2019

Shutting the front door behind him, Balaark hugged himself tightly and pressed his thin, worn winter coat to his torso. The icy wind stung his ears, painting them bright red. He felt the muscles in his entire body contract in a fruitless effort to ward off the invisible...

It only takes one mosquito to kill a child. It will take a multitude of innovators to fight for the Kingdom to “come on earth as it is in heaven.”

It Takes Only One Mosquito

GFA Featured Story: September 2019

It takes only one mosquito, buzzing around with ill intent, dive-bombing in the middle of the night, hovering ominously around a would-be sleeper’s ear, to cause alert wakefulness and ruin the REM-phase of deep slumber. Five or six mosquitoes, all in disharmonic buzzing in one room, demand that...

Discussing the life of a widow robbed by illiteracy, and the gift and blessing the door of literacy unlocks even to learn about the God of healing and life.

Unlocking the Door of Literacy

GFA Featured Story: September 2019

Jeni studied the curling lines and shapes on her grandson's homework paper. With a sigh, she handed it back, knowing a great treasure lay within those squiggles and loops, but she lacked the key to unlock it. Robbed by Illiteracy Years earlier, poverty had hindered Jeni from attending...

Gospel for Asia issues a Special Report on illiteracy, the dominant disabler to flourishing for millions worldwide, and the miraculous potential of literacy

Literacy: One of the Great Miracle Cures

GFA Featured Story: September 2019

Few of us who have read all our lives understand the nearly miraculous potential of being able to read and write when illiteracy has been the dominant disabler to flourishing. Illiteracy is more dominant than poverty, more dominant than a chronic physical disability, and more dominant than even...

Roshan didn’t always have a bicycle or ministry in any of these villages. Just a few years earlier, his relationship with Christ was anything but exemplary

Equipped to Succeed

GFA Featured Story: August 2019

Pastor Roshan slung his bag over his shoulder and helped his wife onto their bicycle. They had a lot of ground to cover. As they cycled out of their village, Roshan found a sustainable pace for the trip. His muscles might be tired by the time he reached...